Selkirk Distillery

Selkirk Distillery



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Selkirk Distillery opened its doors in March 2019 introducing Selkirk Gin & Bannock Gin as their core products. Based within Philiphaugh Country Estate, the distillery makes good use of fruits and herbs from the Estate’s walled gardens, producing unique, seasonal spirits throughout the year. 

Selkirk Distillers are the producers of small batch craft spirits.  Based in Philiphaugh Estate, Selkirk, they incorporate the wealth of botanicals that surround them into core gins and seasonal liqueurs.

Both of their core gins have strong links to the Scottish Borders. Gorse flowers collected from Selkirk Hill are used as a unique botanic for Selkirk Gin, whilst the local traditional teacake - the Selkirk Bannock - is used to create the delicious and unique Bannock a Bannock in a Bottle.
Keen to experiment and create new products, the distillers often have one off, seasonal liqueurs available. Examples include raspberry & white chocolate; whitecurrant & mint; sloe & strawberry; plum & bramble liqueurs whose ingredients are sourced from the walled gardens on the estate