Forgan Distillery

Forgan Distillery



waterside lodge Southport Lancashire pr81ry North West

There are our 3 triple-distilled gins at 42%ABV, 74%ABV and 80%ABV There's our bourbon style Corn Whiskey, hand crafted using locally grown maize and aged in American white oak which we char ourselves. All our whiskey is single grain and single cask. Our latest product is Forgan Dark Rum, we use a traditional recipe with a modern twist to bring you this truly unique rum. At all stages in all our products we use Scottish Highland mineral water and use as far as possible local produce and grains. We create our own base alcohol - we never buy it in - and only use natural fresh products to infuse out gins. All the taste, flavour and colour in our whiskey comes from aging in American white oak, and the colour and flavour in our rum is entirely from the treacle and caramel and American oak whiskey barrels. We do not add anything else. Ever. 

Pleas note this address is not the location of the distillery, please contact the distiller for speific details and enquire as to whether or not they have a public lcoation.