Belfast Gin Distillery Limited

Belfast Gin Distillery Limited



Titanic Quarter Belfast bt39dt Northern Ireland

We are very proud of our long maritime heritage in our home city of Belfast.  Titanic Gin is hand-crafted in very small batches from the best grain spirit.  We really hope you enjoy our Classic Belfast Dry Titanic Gin!

Currently due to space and for operational reasons, we produce our gin in North Antrim. Initially this allowed us to keep our costs low while we developed and perfected our recipe. We will soon be relocating production much closer to our home city of Belfast, we will keep you informed.

We are leading the way, with our choice of Gin Botanicals giving Titanic Gin its exceptional flavour.  Our signature botanical is Golden Flax Seed, which has grown in Ireland for 1000 years.  This imparts a unique, smooth nutty flavour that gives Titanic Gin added depth & character.

When tonic water and ice are added to Titanic Gin, our gin goes a little cloudy or has a slight pearlescent glow. This is caused by the volume of essential oils present in our gin. We made the conscious decision not to chill-filter our gin because these oils from the botanicals enhance the flavour. This helps us to stand out from the crowd by giving added depth and character.