North 42 Gin

North 42 Gin



42 Hinckley Road Leicester le30rb East Midlands

North42 is a 100% Natural Rhubarb & Blood Orange Gin at 42% ABV. It is an all-occasion naturally pink smooth gin which pairs well with food. The gin has 100% natural ingredients, meaning that there are no sweeteners or colourings in the gin. This gives a natural colour of the gin from the fresh ingredients of rhubarb, blood orange and botanicals.

With a passion for sourcing fresh, natural ingredients, Chef Joanna and Sally crafted North42 Gin by cleverly pairing crisp rhubarb and sweet blood orange along with beautifully balanced botanicals, creating a fruity flavorful gin with a deliciously long blood orange finish.

North42 pairs great three ways; firstly, straight up over ice, tonic water and with ginger ale too. The gin also changes colour through these various pairings.

North42 is amazing to create cocktails too. This collectively coverts gin agnostics everywhere as it is a unique gin they have not tasted before from the mass gin market.

North42 attracts the attention foodies too as it pairs amazing with food, usually you would think of pairing wine with food… not gin.