Durham Distillery

Durham Distillery



Unit 2F & 2G Riverside Industrial Estate Langley Park Durham County Durham dh79tt North East

The original inspiration for our distillery came from travelling around the US. Our founder was inspired by small micro-distilleries making Bourbon in college towns along the East Coast. We loved the idea of an urban distillery with a backdrop of a stunningly beautiful, historic University City like Durham, making high quality product in an accessible no-nonsense way. We set out to do just that.


We chose to start with Gin because we had confidence in our methods, using a mix of traditional and modern techniques, with our local ingredients, to make an elegant, fantastic tasting drink. We want all kinds of people to enjoy our drink rather than make a product for an elite few.


 We make real spirits for you and we are here for the long run. Our plan is to continue to contribute to what makes Durham so great. We have learned from the history of the area and believe in running a modern business in a traditional way – where reputation and honesty matters just as much as the quality of our product.


Over the last few years, with a great team, lots of hard work and passion, we have managed to create a place that isn’t just about promoting the brand, it’s where you can come to meet with us, learn about craft spirits and develop your sense of connoisseurship.