Brentingby Gin Ltd

Brentingby Gin Ltd



Main Road Brentingby Melton Mowbray le144rx East Midlands

Honouring the concept of handcrafting has been key to the creation of Brentingby Gin, a name adopted from the quaint hamlet within which the distillery is nestled, close to the town of Melton Mowbray.


As founder, Bruce has brought his South African roots into Brentingby Gin’s design.

The beautiful hibiscus flower is prevalent along the Durban coast where Bruce grew up. This symbol of home is the central part of Brentingby Gin’s logo and features as a botanical in the gin.

Ayanda is the name of Bruce’s impressive copper still. Relishing the opportunity to use his hands, Bruce personally designed the 10 plate copper column still and, after manufacture, meticulously assembled each piece of the structure by hand. Her name means ‘proliferation’ or ‘augment’ in Zulu.

The importance of Ayanda and her role in making such a high quality, beautifully balanced liquid is reflected in the copper bottles of our signature Brentingby Gin.

If you get the chance, go and meet Ayanda yourself on one of Brentingby Distillery’s tours. Once seen, never forgotten.