Neighbourhood Gin

Neighbourhood Gin



M342AF Denton Manchester Greater Manchester m342af North West

It all began when we found the love and passion for how gin is made and the huge variety of gins that is now available. 

We sat down and chatted over gin about why we did like some and didn’t like others. We all agreed that a lot of gins are heavily infused with Coriander and Juniper which is 2 of the main ingredients to gin but we thought shouldn’t define the gin. 

12months of kitchen trials numerous recipes, a lot of rubbish batches we finally agreed that we got the one.

With 3 of us in this we needed to agree on the recipe, we wanted a naturally sweet and not overly floral gin that you can drink on the rocks or as our recommended perfect serve. Our perfect serve is 35ml, lots of ice, premium or cucumber tonic garnished with cucumber and Thyme. 

Neighbourhood Gin was born and created by Amy, Jack & Heather Howard, it was a long road to create the branding we wanted, it had to be perfect. We wanted something to be clean, elegant and modern like our gin, which is when agreed to have the cube shaped bottles with a navy and copper logo.

Our first bottle of Gin sold 01.11.2020