Goosnargh Gin

Goosnargh Gin



Bleasdale Road Whitechapel Preston pr32er North West

Goosnargh Gin is lovingly crafted by Richard and Rachel Trenchard and is based at the foot of Beacon Fell, on the edge of the Forest of Bowland AONB, in the parish of Goosnargh, Lancashire.

Our gins are distilled in small batches by hand by us, using a traditional copper alembic still. Our recipes are developed using our baby still Constance. Once we have the blend of our organic botanicals absolutely right, our larger still Beatrice then works her magic distilling our handcrafted, small batch gin ready for bottling and hand labelling.

All our gins are chapters of our story and as such, will continue to be written as our story evolves.

Chapter One, our signature gin, contains a blend of 14 organic botanicals. Along with juniper, carefully selected botanicals, including meadowsweet, yarrow and elderflower, have been chosen to capture the spirit of the fells and surrounding meadows in each bottle.

Chapter Two, Dark Skies, launches on 16th February 2019 and takes you into the Forest of Bowland at night, where nocturnal creatures abound. Look skywards and be transported under the famous dark skies of Bowland. The comforting blend of 12 organic botanicals we've selected create a delicately spiced gin, including aniseed, root ginger, cardamom and vanilla.

Chapter Three will follow in early summer 2019 and is set to be an absolute delight of a gin. With a starring role for a botanical so worthy, yet little used, it’s sure to be an absolute treat!